15 Cybersecurity Statistics to Diagnose the Ailing Healthcare Industry

Posted by Erin Kennedy on May 1, 2020 1:04:03 PM
Erin Kennedy

Healthcare CIOs, CISOs, and cybersecurity teams can't allow COVID-19 to distract from phishing scams, ransomware, rogue insiders and medical device hacks aimed toward employees, patients and data. 


"Healthcare cyberattacks are becoming more common and more expensive, despite the fact that they already account for extraordinary damages to medical systems, according to “The Future of Cybersecurity in Healthcare,” published by CyberMaxx, a cybersecurity firm providing its services to more than 300 healthcare providers, including four out of top 10 hospital systems in the U.S."


Read more about the 15 Cybersecurity Statistics to Diagnose the Ailing Healthcare Industry from Cybersecurity Ventures' Cybercrime Magazine.






Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, increased vulnerabilities from emerging medical delivery models and changing consumer demands will impact data security and patient care. You will learn about the following and more when you download our FREE eBook, "The Future of Cybersecurity in Healthcare."

  • State of the cybersecurity industry
  • 10 predictions for cybersecurity in the 2020s
  • 8 Precautions every healthcare institution should implement







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